Harmonious Connection

Harmonious Connection

Pabellón Agrícola

The industrial building “Papellón Agrícola” forms a unit with its environment, and proves that any building task can bring forth an independent architecture.

Santurde is a small place in the Basque province Àlava. Here, north-west from the capitol, Vitoria-Gasteiz, the Papillón Agrícola is situated. The contractor chose this property because of the potential of the area to cultivate olives. The design originates from Bárcena y Zufiaur Arquitectos, a multifaceted architectural office with experiences ranging from town planning to interior design.

Harmony of architecture and landscape

The design responds to the landscape characterized by olive trees with a building that rests in itself. This results especially from the façade material, a handmade brick. This façade gives the structure a horizontal orientation, and creates a unity in colour with the environment. The cubage of the building achieves its full impact by the uniform material structure. The jaggedly shaped development of the roof – consisting of joint pent- and saddle roofs – communicates with the mountain scenery in the background.

Pent roof as a raster unit

The cubage of the building is based on a raster of 3,75 metres, each forming a unit with a pent roof. One of these units  comprises a passage area that divides the structure into two volumes. Because of the continuation of the roof, the building still appears coherent.

According to the structure volume and the floor plan, two functional areas are created: The delivery area and the olive press are located in a larger volume, while a more representative area with a kitchen is located in a smaller one. The kitchen area consists of two raster units, and is the only area, which is also horizontally structured. It is subdivided into three levels: the basement as a storage area, the kitchen on the ground floor, and a production warehouse on the upper floor.

Fine details

The design of the building comprises several considerations, which, altogether, result in a high level of detail. At the passage area and at the front side facing south, there is a wall overhang each, the cross walls are set back. The wall to the south is set back at the length of an entire raster. Thus, an open gesture towards the visitor with a terrace-like front area is created. Here, the visitor is supposed to be drawn into the building.

Inside of the building, the conscious choice of materials continues. Ceiling, wall, and floor each consist of their own material. The surfaces are clearly differentiated from each other. All non-fixed elements like kitchen counter, shelves, or banister are made of wood. From the outdoor area to the interior, the building forms a unit within itself, and with its environment.

Project details


Bárcena y Zufiaur Arquitectos


fertig gestellt: 2009


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