Our Partner IndustrieBAU: GRAFT Architects wins BOMAG Competition

Our Partner IndustrieBAU: GRAFT Architects wins BOMAG Competition

Berlin architectural firm GRAFT have convinced with their design of a customer and training center for BOMAG construction machinery manufacturer in Boppard.


Construction machinery company BOMAG and the Chamber of Architects Rhineland-Palatinate have launched an architectural competition in July 2011 for the new customer and training center of FAYAT BOMAG Academy in Boppard by the river Rhine. On November 29, 2011, the jury had to select from 14 plans and models.


Multi-Functionality wanted

Winner was the renowned architectural bureau GRAFT Society of Architects from Berlin. According to the jury, the design made by the Berlin architects meets the tough requirements of the building complex. Rooms for sales and service, indoor and outdoor showrooms, a restaurant and much more had to be integrated in the multi-functional building, and all this on a topographically challenging terrain.


More on this in IndustrieBau Magazine

IndustrieBAU, the magazine for architecture, technology and management (and mapolis partner), reports in an article on the design by GRAFT along with the one made by the runner-up and the design created by the one who came in third.

Six times per year the magazine informs about professional planning and building for the industry, trade and commerce, and presents current trends and developments from the field of industrial architecture.

IndustrieBAU addresses investors and principals as well as architects and planners and closely cooperates with experts from the industry. Specific expert knowledge from the field of industrial and commercial building dominates the magazine's content. The magazine is available through subscription. A free sample along with the table of content is available at www.industriebau-online.de.

Project details


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