baukind: a Plea

baukind: a Plea


The Kita HISA is just another great project by Berlin based design and architecture practice baukind.

As a new father, I, of course (or maybe for God's sake), like children. And because of this, I necessarily HAVE to like the Berlin design and architecture practice of baukind. Why? Because, somehow, its designers and architects always manage to do everything child related the right way. As evidence, I would like to cite the two daycare centres “Drachenhöhle” and “Loftschloss”, mapolis | Architecture already excitedly and full of praise reported on. Both daycare centres are in any way appropriate for children, both in their spacial, formal, material, and also educational concept, which shapes the former three. Now, I would like to add another project by baukind to my argumentation: the Kita HISA.


Like the other two already mentioned projects, the Kita (Kita = short for “Kindertagesstätte” = German for daycare centre) HISA is also a conversion of former business premises. For where today children spend their day playing, there once was a drugstore. Apart from this, many things resemble the Kita Loftschloss. For example, there is a high platform, under which mattresses may be stored (also found in Drachenhöhle), or circular holes in the walls, wooden elements that arrange the space and serve as both climbing objects and storage for toys and stuff, or mosaic-tiled walls in the bathrooms. Some of the typical baukind furniture are also recognized.

In the Realm of Soap Bubbles

But many things are different as well. For example, the Kita HISA is with a floor area of 420 m² for 65 children more than 50 % larger than the Kita Loftschloss. Of course, this facility has its individual concept of form and colour, which differentiates it from its sisters. Following the idea of a soap bubble, circular elements are found everywhere, be it in the form of tables or in the designs of the walls in well-balanced, expressive and friendly colours. Consistent with the transparency of soap bubbles, a lot of glass is used, which is is unusual for baukind. Altogether 15 m long, movable glazed walls flexibly divide the space in zones of different usage, or transform the nursery school in one large open space, when entirely opened. Another innovation are very large windows. But since even their light is not sufficient in some cases, due to extreme room depth, the sanitary facilities were placed in these darker areas. There, the deficit of light was solved in the end by means of a friendly concept of colours and elaborate lighting.

Creativity and Independence

The educational focus of the Kita HISA is put on creativity and independence, which, again, resembles the other daycare centres by baukind. It would actually be hard to imagine baukind building a daycare centre where children are told what they are supposed to do. No, baukind daycare centre children stay explorers, and this is why those who like kids will also like baukind.

Project details




Completion: August 2013


Floor area: 420 m²


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