In the Cave of the Dragon

In the Cave of the Dragon

Kita Drachenhöhle

We could not find any real dragons in the daycare Drachenhöhle (“dragon cave”) in Berlin, but a lot of other beautiful things.

The daycare Drachenhöhle is a daycare of the non-profit company Drachenreiter (“dragon rider” or “dragon riders”), and is located at Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. On 200 m², it provides space for 25 children by utilizing a former sauna and salt area. Those premises were redesigned in 2013 by the Berlin architectural office Baukind.

We immediately loved the little renovation project. Because here, unlike many other modern facilities for children, lavish colour schemes and play furniture do not push themselves to the fore.

The Drachenreiter company says about itself: “The Drachenreiter do not by chance stand for uniqueness, creation, harmony, and lust for life.”

The aim of the architects of Baukind was to work out and support the attitude and educational concept of the client by a fitting interior design. Naturalness in shape, colour, and material was the keyword. Furniture and interior installations were supposed to consist of natural materials and show a simple design. By means of this moderation in terms of design, calmness and order should be enabled in the daily routine of the daycare.

Proximity to Nature and Calmness

This is the first thing that strikes the eye of the viewer. Somehow, everything fits perfectly together and conveys a feeling of proximity to nature and calmness. You recognize at first sight, that it were designers with heart who did the job. Simple, multifunctional wooden furniture was designed for the daycare. Wooden cubes serve as seating furniture, and wooden shelves with wooden drawers are used for the storage of all kinds of toys and other bits and bobs. Everything is multifunctional and even the shelves can be climbed by the children.

Green Islands and Climbing Trees

The premises are modestly designed and leave it up to the children's fantasy how and what they are used for. On the different floorings, there are small, green carpeted islands, and instead of colourful climbing frames of plastics, tree trunks were prepared for climbing. Platforms and caves were invented as playrooms, and barked branches serve as coat hooks in the cloakroom. In the corridor between the premises, wooden staffs of different lengths have been attached to the walls. By beating against them with a wooden staff, children can produce sounds, like when playing a xylophone.

Trees and Green

In almost every room of the daycare, there are large barked tree trunks for climbing. The colours of the interior are, besides white, exclusively different shades of green.

Sustainable Approaches

Sustainable approaches were also adopted in the renovation of the former salt and sauna areas. Thus, a part of the existing wall claddings were maintained. The former salt room with the associated salt wall serves as a rest area for the children. The rough structure of the salt plaster creates a cave-like atmosphere. And also here, again, there are trees for climbing and playing. The mattresses for resting are cleverly stored under a platform.

My Conclusion

The entire Kita Drachenhöhle impresses me with its simplicity and its clear concept. The aspired relationship with nature is immediately conceivable within the individual rooms, and the abandonment of the “usual” daycare inventory contributes to its uniqueness. I would love to be a child once again!

Project details


Baukind Architects


completed in March 2013 




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Hansjörg Neun 27. July 2013 - 14:22

How did you discover this?

Architecture in... 27. July 2013 - 15:05

This project? The architects asked me to publish it. I liked it - i published it :-)

Luis Arturo Ferrari 27. July 2013 - 16:48

No creo mucho en esto Luciana, entierndo que la madera es un òptimo material con muchas aplicaciones pero los arboles estàn muy bien en los parques y allì deben permanecer a no ser, que quieras convertirte en Tarzan y de paso poner tambièn a la mona Chita.

Dailton Uchoa Leite 28. July 2013 - 3:20


Stefania Tricomi 28. July 2013 - 8:44

Spettacolare !!!!!!!

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jeremycort88's picture
jeremycort88 6. October 2014 - 18:54

Wow! Such neat and spacious room areas. I really like the partition of the whole house.

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samadkhatri99 22. March 2015 - 13:44

Those premises were redesigned in 2013 by the Berlin architectural office

samadkhatri99's picture
samadkhatri99 2. April 2015 - 13:46

Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. On 200 m², it provides space for 25 children by utilizing a former sauna and salt area. loft conversions london

samadkhatri99's picture
samadkhatri99 6. April 2015 - 14:32

other modern facilities for children, lavish colour schemes and play furniture do not push themselves to the fore. click to know more