Bricks with Splashes of Color

Bricks with Splashes of Color


Since 2011, Sumatrakontor in Hamburg HafenCity, location Überseeallee/ Überseeboulevard, is a busy meeting place for locals, employed people and tourists.

Sumatrakontor is another building block within the large-scale Überseequarter project. The name “Sumatra“ has a reason, all buildings along Überseeboulevard bear the name of one of the traditional trading goods or a popular trading route. The buildings Sumatra, Virginia and Cinnamon are, along with Kaffee square, the Altes Hafenamt area.

A Building with Splashes of White

The design for Sumatrakontor was made by Dutch architects Designed by Erick van Egeraat. The look is based on – like nearly all buildings of Übersee quarter – the brick façade of Warehouse city adjacent to the North.

The façade of Sumatrakontor is composed of vertical ashlar plates and aluminum windows, arranged on top of and next to each other in various sizes. Despite the geometrical arrangement of plates and windows the façade appears anything but static. For the bottom half of the façade, the architects have chosen deep red and brown plates of bricks. These contrast the white-gray plates, running down from the top edge of the façade like colors bursting open. This way the building, seen from a distance, almost reminds of a brick buildings with splashes of color.

Unconventional is also the shape of Sumatrakontor, since the building opens up towards the top through a V-shaped gap. Here and at other spots glass elements loosen up the façade. The architects have replaced the bricks with a glass triangular bay inclined towards the inside at the South-Western corner. A similar way can be found at the building’s Northern side. Here, an L-shaped glass area interrupts the construction of red plates and windows.

Working, Living and Shopping

Spread across 37,000 square meters, Kontor connects working, living and retail. Here, the first as well as second floor are used by retailers. Apart from that, Sumatrakontor houses branches of well-known companies such as Deutsche Bank, Rossmann and Edeka. You will also find 81 apartments inside, which can be accessed via a separate entrance from Überseeboulevard. The major part of the usage area is left for the all in all 17,800 square meters of office areas.

The spatial concept presented by the architects from Designed by Erick van Egeraatis a versatile one. Variations reach from 400 up to 4,000 square meters of office areas. The three units “Working”, “Living” and “Retail” are connected with each other via an inner court yard. The latter displays a less dynamic character than the outer façade. The accented white plates are here part of a rather reduced free space arrangement.

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Project details


Designed by Erick van Egeraat


Completion: April 2011


37,000 sqm


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We don't really see such colourful buildings around anymore and it's nice to see such a lovely splash of colour once in a while. I think I'll advice some of my clients to take a look at some of these pictures for inspiration. Perhaps once the moving boxes are cleared, they might think of repainting! Haha!