Making business. German Style.

Making business. German Style.

Headquarters Siemens AG

Creation of 27 storey towers of Siemens company on Leningradsky prospect. Could be a right way for the business prosperity?


Making business. German Style.

Erecting a  27-story tower for Siemens company onMoscow’s Leningradskyprospect. Could this be a right way for prospering business?

Siemens- one of the best-known profit-making companies in the world. You can put “=” between reliability and the company name without any hesitation.

The largest Europe-based electronics and electrical engineering company has always been a symbol of stability and high quality.

Russia - land of opportunities, changes and ambitions. German professionalism and Russian innovation demands first collaborated in the 1850s. Siemens was involved in building long-distance telegraph networks. In 1855, a company branch opened in Saint Petersburg.

Better together- or the collaboration Story.

These long-term partnerships are still alive. A good confirmation of this is a high class office construction in Moscow. The so-called “Headquarters Siemens AG” is situated in the North-West of  Moscow, at the Leningradsky prospect- one of the big radial highways of downtown Moscow.

Designed by German firm Eller+Eller architects, the building is a good example of well-organized space, good engineering decision and a maximum level of reliability. The simple structure consist of two 27-story towers, each placed in a corner of a five-story building. The footprint of each tower measures 35/35 m. Inside you will mainly find offices. The class A-building’s gross floor area will be around 110,000 square meters: office use, special use and parking.

Relaxation - another part of good working results has also been taken into account. So you can enjoy the view across the public park while sitting in a restaurant. Located in the podium area it has a VIP status. Podium space also includes a cafeteria, office services and conference rooms.

The parking garage - a compulsory condition of each business complex of this scale, has 5 levels and 700 places.

Stealing Beauty.

It is hard to appreciate the building’s beauty from first sight. Plain, direct forms - it doesn’t catch the eye of the beholder. But looking at it closely one can discover its functional attractiveness. 2 guiding lights – they are glittering during the night. They seem to have a chance of becoming the Moscow symbol of innovation. The glowing logo  of Siemens company on top doesn’t affect the sight. Functionality, stability and reliability. German business style - with the Russian enigmatic soul within.

Why not?

Further German architecture in Russia...

Project details


Eller + Eller Architekten                        


2012: under Construction


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admin 3. February 2012 - 16:09


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admin 3. February 2012 - 22:59

Judging from the picture, the electricity bill would be through the roof!

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parascheva 6. December 2014 - 12:54

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