Crazy Google Wonderland

Crazy Google Wonderland

Google Tel Aviv

Google shows us with its Tel Aviv branch how one of the most valuable trademarks in the world works: communicatively.

Today, I induced Google to its self-discovery. I googled Google. And what I found was consistent with what I suspected of the multi-billion corporation: Google is an innovation factory, both by producing its own innovations and by processing those of others. Google is even without a doubt one of the leading innovation factories in the world and, as such, permanently under the pressure of creating something the world has not seen so far. Therefore, it is totally out of the question that Google's employees should work in a usual office. And so, at the end of 2012, the “Googlers” in Tel Aviv got their own small crazy wonderland.


Well, 50 % of Google's Israel branch in truth still consists of the usual desk based work environment. The other half, however, resembles rather a theme park. As a matter of fact, every single floor is designed with a certain aspect of the local identity in mind. Each of these themes were chosen by local Googlers who also assisted in the interpretation of the ideas.

Theme Park

The project was designed by Camenzind Evolution (Switzerland), Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal (both Israel). These three firms created on eight floors and 8.000 m² of the Electra Tower different “identities” like “innovation and hospitality”, “pleasure and delight”, “energy and vitality”, “dream and fantasy”, “family and friends”, “joy and optimism” as well as “culture and heritage”. The interpretations of these themes show great variety. In the areas of the “energy and vitality” category, for example, there are murals and elements of natural landscapes, or, in a room from the world of “dream and fantasy”, chairs are “standing” from the ceiling as a three dimensional reflection of those one is sitting on below.

Division of Labour

But why is there a division into normal workstations and these worlds of experience in the first place? It is a kind of division of labour, but not in a traditional sense, for it is not about the distribution of different kinds of labour among different people. No, only the labour of individuals is divided: the normal workstations serve desk based individual working, whereas the other areas serve the cooperation and communication among each other. Consequently, most of these areas are places where you sit together, such as lounges and restaurants.

Innovation Factory Google

If you have read this article attentively, you might have noticed that, on the eight floors, there are only seven “identities”. The reason for this might be the fact that Google is actually occupying only seven of the eight floors. The eighth floor is a so-called Google Campus powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, which is a hub for entrepreneurs and developers, providing a base for start-up companies. Which brings us back to the thought of an innovation factory – and to communication! Many a company maybe should - thinking of Google - ask itself if there might not be a connection between internal communication and success.


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PamelaJackson123456's picture
PamelaJackson123456 4. March 2015 - 6:46

Oh My gosh it's totally beyond my expectations.. wow what a work station..Google you are simply best :) what a architect's idea.. I am totally amazed.. visit here

stewartfitch's picture
stewartfitch 31. March 2015 - 15:49

What a huge exciting web you've published here, it's truly marvelous interior design and amazing theme park. I love this google office.. cheap research paper

mozilrachel's picture
mozilrachel 3. March 2016 - 21:29

Well i read lots of article on this. Really Google try every possible way keep their employees calm and creative.I don't think that other companies can do this.

mozilrachel's picture
mozilrachel 3. March 2016 - 21:33

As an Online Essay writers i have to use Google for lots of content.and when i Googled Google for some reason then i got the same facts.They really try every possible way to keep their employees calm and creative.