Living in a Circle

Living in a Circle


Tietgenkollegiet is a “dormitory of the future”, yet still it makes use of a spatial concept that reaches back into ancient times.

Copenhagen students live in a circle. The idea comes from architect Peter Thorsen, partner of architectural firm Lundgaard & Tranberg. The Tietgenkollegiet dormitory is located in the Northern part of the Copenhagen district of Ørestad. Here, ashlar-shaped university buildings had dominated the rather strict area concept of the quarter. But now the principal was looking for a spatial concept encouraging communication and the feeling of togetherness among the inhabitants. The round idea came from the situation on location. The key to success was a cake which was actually only there to sweeten the break of the workgroup. But the stacked cake plates made the architects come up with an idea. “Suddenly, one took the stack and placed it on the plan”, Thorsen tells us. However, the idea of a round building is nothing new, since already the Romans built their amphitheaters in the form of a (semi) circle. And for a reason: As a symbol, a circle stands for community and a feeling of belonging together.

Living Space inside the Cube

The building comprises eight levels providing space for all in all 360 rooms. These vary in sizes of between 25 and 33 square meters. The architects have designed the rooms not next door to each other along the hallway, as it is common with multi-apartment houses. At Tietgenkollegiet the living units are spread across individual cubes, stacked on top of each other determining the residential building’s basic layout. The cubes of various sizes arranged in a staggered manner dominate the dynamic spatial concept. The façade also guarantees variety: Lamellae sliding doors of oak wood have been placed in front of the room windows. The is contrasted by a facing of tombac, a copper-containing brass alloy.

No Room for Lone Wolves

Students who live at Tietgenkollegie don’t lead a lonely life. “We haven’t designed the house for people who only bury themselves in their rooms”, says architect Thorsen. This is why the rooms are located at the outer part of the building and have no integrated kitchen. The latter can be found in the generous common rooms, used by the inhabitants of the twelve adjacent rooms. The common room is dominated by a family-like atmosphere: Apart from the cooking isle, a sofa corner and a lounge invite for cooking evenings and common activities. The window front of the living space is directed towards the green inner courtyard. The roof-top terraces are an additional community element, opening the building towards the center. Apart from that, the architects have designed further common rooms, a computer room among them, a gym, a music room as well as workshops and a party room with a bar.
Apart from the feeling of togetherness the architects also attach importance to individuality each inhabitant should have in the dormitory’s every-day life. The mail boxes are one example of this, held in white, pink, red and yellow, loosening up the atmosphere inside the multi-apartment building. The design of the rooms also varies, inside which the architects gave individuality through coloring or wooden facings on the rather minimalistic concrete walls.

Project details


Lundgaard & Tranberg


Completion: 2007


Area: 28,800 sqm


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clodymony 7. January 2015 - 19:51

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clodymony 7. January 2015 - 20:08

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prabirbanik82's picture
prabirbanik82 9. January 2015 - 7:48

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prabirbanik82 9. January 2015 - 7:55

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