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Concrete outside, warm inside

Coates Design Architects - Dorsey Residence - Bainbridge Island

  • © Courtesy Coates Design
  • © Courtesy Coates Design
  • © Roger Turk / Northlight Photography
  • © Roger Turk / Northlight Photography
  • © Roger Turk / Northlight Photography
  • © Roger Turk / Northlight Photography
(Not) A concrete building: One would not expect a lot of glass and wood in this house at first sight...

Two concrete walls enclose the Dorsey Residence single-family house. Only few windows open towards the street. But behind the concrete walls, one encounters something entirely different: a bright home made of wood and glass.


Panorama Design


The two-storied dwelling house by Coates Design Architects consists of a slightly twisted cube between two powerful walls. The view from the premises at the surrounding landscape is optimally staged by this twist. Both concrete walls shield the building like a barrier from the street behind them, and function as a thermal mass.

The building is situated on Bainbridge Island in the northwest of the US state of Washington. The island is also a town with 20.000 citizens – known for its 150 kilometres long branched Puget Sound. The property of the Dorsey Residence offers a view at the coastline and the Olympic Mountains.

The architects wanted to stage the view at nature individually in every individual room. Therefore, the southwest façade consists of a combination of several windows that reflect the residential premises behind. Special attention was paid to the living room: from there, the residents may access the large balcony. A lot of glass is supposed to create a strong connection between inside and outside.

Since only a small part of the plot of land was permitted for building, the architects maximized the options by a room arrangement on two floors. This, however, fitted into the concept of a dwelling house with a good outlook.


Completion: october 2011

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Enrique Cosío Tejero

soy creativo de cuatro novedosos sistemas constructivos con eco tecnologías de vanguardia donde el concreto con acero de refuerzo electro soldado, es el material principal.

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Brown Harris

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