Concrete made of Wood – The green:house by Bauhaus University Weimar

Concrete made of Wood – The green:house by Bauhaus University Weimar


Weimar students experiment with a 1:1 wood concrete model on the campus.

On the premises of Bauhaus University Weimar the "green:house“, a "wood concrete experimental building", was realized in 2010. The building has been created as a campus expanding element under the supervision of Prof. Walter Stamm-Teske. Apart from the Faculty of Architecture and its Chair of Design and Residential Building, numerous university partners were involved in this project, supported by 20 partners from the industry, companies and professional planners, and last but not least the students.

Under the plain black shell of the four-story "green:house“ you will find 500 m² of floor area and plenty of state-of-the-art green technology, tested and evaluated within a period of three years. The service units of 80 m² each are held in a neutral design and can be arranged by the students of architecture as they see fit. Here, the power outlets coming from the ceiling panels along with a hook system, also attached to the ceiling, support this. They not only serve wiring purposes, but are also part of the exhibition system for works made by the students, for the lamps built by the professor and the students and other fanciful contributions created by the students.

Prototypical Material Deployment

In cooperation with Helika GmbH Reutlingen, Prof. Walter Stamm-Teske experimented with the ground-breaking building material "wood concrete“. Wood concrete mainly consists of wood chips and concrete as a binding agent. It displays outstanding structural-physical properties such as insulation and also fire protective characteristics.

Apart from extraordinarily positive thermal and acoustical properties this building material also features other advantages. It turns out to allow for an easy and quick installation and is thus very efficient and pathbreaking regarding its production process.

For the green:house project, the wood concrete has been pressed into slabs with a thickness of eight centimeters, which were then mounted on a wooden frame construction. Despite industrial prefabrication it is similar to a solid building construction.

Through this already green:house achieves, after the completion of the building shell, passive house standards and, after installing sun collectors and solar modules, it even reaches zero-energy standards.

Apart from that, inside the wood concrete experimental building by Bauhaus University Weimar, a ventilation system takes care of fresh air, the floor heating system gets heat from a surplus of energy from the neighboring buildings, and all windows have three layers and are firmly installed. Only required openings, such as the access to the second emergency route in the form of also three-layered casement windows, have been cut out.

"Final Goal of all sculptural Work is to build!“ (Walter Gropius, 1919)

green:house by Bauhaus University Weimar not only served the developers and industrial partners as a research project, but also was a hands-on experimental ground for the students. This way the project turned out to be a real-life area of application for more than 50 Bachelor and Master students at the Faculty of Architecture, just the way we know it from the historical Bauhaus idea. Closeness to real-life architecture was supported in this project along with interdisciplinary work.

Project details


Chair for Design and Residential Building


Completion: Winter 2011/12


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clodymony's picture
clodymony 20. October 2014 - 18:56

This building looks amazing! Some people consider that if you want to construct a "green building" you need to invest a lot of money but the truth is different as you just have to create a wood structure and to hire a good team from in order to install the plumbing system. The rest is easy as you have to install some solar panels in order to save energy and to protect the environment.

clodymony's picture
clodymony 20. November 2014 - 17:51

This article provides quality information! It is amazing to see how much the technology advanced and nowadays, people have the opportunity to build energy efficient and "green" houses very easily and without spending so much money. If you are planing to build such a house then you should also focus on installing some solar panels as they are very efficient. Moreover you should also think in hiring an AC repair team in order to install your heating and cooling system.

anniepark1's picture
anniepark1 25. November 2014 - 17:22

Well, now that's learning. What better way to show these kids how it's done than actually making them do it. It's a challenge to build a green home these days, especially if you're still a student but it's a challenge that can only bring great benefits for all the parts. If you guys lack resources for green elements you should check this resource. For sure you'll find a lot of support here. Keep up the good work!

clodymony's picture
clodymony 3. December 2014 - 21:34

The idea of creating a wood concrete house is great and it prooved to be one of the most eco friendly buildings. Besides its great wood structure, it also has a beautiful interior design. The combination between hardwood flooring and modern furniture gives it an interesting look.

Apple201's picture
Apple201 27. January 2016 - 11:49

Thank you for posting this information!)