Jamberoo Farm

Jamberoo Farm

Jamberoo Farm House

The new building forms, together with an entire building complex, a farm and closes the north-western corner of the site.

The Jamberoo Farm is found in an idyllic situation: the site is surrounded by green hills and lies close to an embankment at the coast. The clients were searching for a house in a rural area, that offers a separate part for guests – and hired  Casey Brown Architecture for planning the new building. 

Integration into the Complex

 The new building is situated at the north-western corner of a complex of several buildings. Among the latter are a dairy, barns, and sheds. At the centre of the ensemble stands an old fig tree, which is part of a large and green courtyard. The new house completes the ensemble by closing the north-western corner. 

Three Structures

 The building consists of three structures that are connected by transverse building parts. The connection of the structures creates various views and perspectives. The two smaller dwelling houses, were the guest rooms and the master bedroom are situated, are parallel to each other. The pavilion in the West – this is where the kitchen, dining and living area are found – lies diagonally to the two smaller houses. It makes the corner of the site. To the north, which is towards the courtyard, the pavilion becomes larger and wider to provide a better view at the landscape. 

Architectural Language

 The architects were very sensitive about working with elements, which are typical for the buildings in immediate vicinity. Therefore, the new building picks up the proportions, volumes, and scale of the other buildings. The same counts for the choice of materials, which were interpreted in a contemporary manner by Casey Brown Architecture. The adaptation to the environment can be seen in the extensive use of wood: as sliding elements in the façade, and as the exposed supporting structure in the pavilion. In this way, the latter can also be used as a shelf.


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