Pure Nature

Pure Nature

Fish Creek Guest House

The Fish Creek Guest House lies right at the heart of nature, and is surrounded by forest.

It was the architect's intention to integrate this environment into the small guest house, both visually and acoustically. The guest house, embedded in a breathtaking natural landscape, is situated at the small town Jackson, in the federal state of Wyoming. At the moment, the Fish Creek Guest House designed by architect John Carney of Carney Logan Burke Architects still serves as a dwelling house for the architect and his wife. Both, however, intent to move into their main house, which lies on the same property, as soon as it is completed. From that time on, the Fish Creek Guest House shall accommodate the guests of the family.

“You get the feeling that you're sleeping right in the forest”

This statement of the builder hits the nail on the head. The large-scale glazing in the façade provides the 88 square metres building with plenty of incident daylight. Additionally, it enables interesting views at the nature from the interior. Thus, inside and outside merge together. A rushing stream within earshot completes the nature experience. When planning the building, Jim Carney focussed especially on its energy-efficiency. The thermally insulated façade enables a pleasant climate in the interior of the house, both in summer and in winter. The high-efficiency heating system is supplemented by a fireplace. Large glazing at the southern side guarantees a solar surplus. During the summer months, openings on both sides of the living area produce a natural cooling in the interior.

Perfect Harmony

The floor plan is based on a simple rectangle. The living- and eating area, which has been complemented by an over 3,50 metres long kitchen unit, are in the middle of the house. To the right and to the left, there is one bedroom with a separate bathroom, respectively. The corner windows of the bedrooms optically extend the volume of the rooms towards the outdoor area. Thus, the bedrooms appear larger than they actually are.

The interiors are dominated by white colour. The walls, the bright and simple furniture, as well as the oak parquet floor have consciously been designed unobtrusively. The focus lies on the view at the vibrant green forest.

The adjacent garage offers additional storage space for the couple. The house and garage are clad with an interesting combination of cedar shingles and corrosion-protected steel. At the top, a pitched roof crowns the building.

Project details


Carney Logan Burke Architects




Living space: 88qm


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