Literally a “Park-ing Deck“

Literally a “Park-ing Deck“

MFO park

The MFO-Park in Zurich is an innovative, impressive city park created by Burckhardt + Partner and Raderschall Landschaftsarchitekten.

MFO park on the former premises of Oerlikon (MFO) machine manufacturers is part of a large-scale “Park landscape Zurich North” concept. A new city quarter has evolved from the industry-dominated planning area. Numerous parks of various sizes and characters are supposed to provide meaning, serve the locals as places of recreation and are a compensation for sealed areas. One of these places is MFO park.

New Interpretation of City Park

The two firms Burckhardt+Partner and Raderschall Landschaftsarchitekten have re-interpreted the term “park” with their project. Green is not only restricted to the vertical area on the ground, but creates a three-dimensional, architectural space. The strictly geometric ashlar, consisting of a cultivated steel net, is based, in terms of shape, on the surrounding numerous massive industrial buildings, but turns the models into a translucent, filigree structure. This way the house is turned into a park – a “park-ing deck”, literally.

The structure is a double-walled steel construction, evolving into a gigantic gazebo. Gaps are occupied by stairs and roofed ramps and bridges. Little balconies and loggias project into the interior, and various terraces and sun decks form the top of the steel construction.

Multi-functional Place under a green Roof

The complete construction of the MFO park is covered by a dense layer of leaves from creeper and blooming plants. More than 1,100 plants of about 100 species create a green, blooming and fragrant space. Creeper levels can be found on all sides, covering the construction with a filigree network. During the course of time, the plants will cover the complete structure starting from the ground and visually hide the steel construction during the vegetation period.

The green covers a large, multi-functional area, added by water bodies and numerous sitting possibilities. In summer, open air movie theater events take place at the park, for instance. Counterparts of the large event area are numerous intimate loggias from which you can participate in what’s happening, like from a green opera VIP box.

A Change of Seasons

While seasons change, the interior of the park-ing deck will change its looks and atmosphere. In spring, leaves will start growing, forming a dense, green roof of leaves in summer. From October on, the colorful wine leaves will change the picture. When the leaves fall to the ground, the steel net will become visible again. Thus, in winter, the structure with its clear statics will dominate the look of the park.

MFO park is a remarkable example of contemporary landscape architecture. It combines architecture and landscape architecture in a unique way. The borders between both disciplines seem to flow into each other. 


Project details


Burckhardt+Partner AG, Raderschall Partner AG


Year of construction: 2002


6,300 m²


Grün Stadt Zürich


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