„Ghostly“ cladding

„Ghostly“ cladding

Gue(ho)st House

What do you know! First a prison, then a funeral home, and today a ghostly appearing visitors centre...

The ones responsible for the transformation of the old house with an extraordinary past are the French artists Christophe Berdgadeur and Marie Péjus. Today, the building, which is situated at the property of the synagogue of Delme, serves as a visitors centre and meeting point for artists, who are committed to contemporary art. The French municipality Delme, with around 1.000 citizens, lies approximately 30 kilometres to the south-east of Metz.

A Guest + A Host = A Ghost

This play on words by Marcel Duchamp has been the trigger for the exterior redesign of the former prison, school building, and funeral home. The word “guest” stands for the commonly shared space, while the word “ghost” derives from an imaginary apparition.

The façade of the original building has completely been clad with a special kind of polystyrene, then coated with resin, and painted white. What resulted is an organically shaped sculpture that almost seems to be alive. Additionally, the building creates an impression as if it was flowing slowly into the garden area. According to the artists, it is the Gue(ho)st House's “art” not to be afraid of ghosts. If this claim is admissible, should be in the eye of the beholder.

Open House

With the completion of the newly designed house, the synagogue of Delme achieved an important milestone. With the new Gue(ho)st House, an interconnection between host, comprising the municipality and art centre, and guests, comprising artists and visitors, has been created. The premises serve for receptions and events. At the upper floor, numerous studios provide space for local artists and students. Above all, the building shall be made accessible to the public, and attract lots of visitors.

Since almost two decades, this place is frequented by artists going about their work and research. In 2013, the art centre is celebrating its twentieth year of operation.

Project details


Artists: Christophe Berdaguer & Marie Péjus

Architect: aBC Architecture

Project manager:  Commune de Delme



Start of construction: 2011


Area: 500qm




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