Spanish Black

Spanish Black

Q House

With the Q House in Northern Spain, design office Asensio Mah wanted to make a statement and, at the same time, level some criticism.

For an analysis of the environment of the site showed an unsatisfactory status quo. None of the surrounding buildings seemed to respond to the complex topography, a steep slope, neither did any of them establish a potentially interesting relationship between house and outside facilities. 

Time for a Change

 This nuisance had to be ended as soon as possible, so Asensio Mah did not hesitate and, with the intention of changing the status quo, realized the Q House. They seized the opportunity to design a dwelling house by means of geometric configurations and special materials, which would also offer an interesting floor plan, and establish an exciting relationship with its environment.  

All good Things come in Threes

 Three long volumes, which are slightly staggered to each other, are arranged around a central circulation core. All three volumes have a northeast-southwest orientation to guarantee an optimal natural lighting for every room. The room arrangement automatically results from the staggered volumes that project into and pile up on each other. The Q House offers both a generous basement and a living area, flooded with light, with an attached kitchen on the ground floor. On the first floor, there is a bathroom, and the bedrooms and two further showers are finally found on the second floor. The building is completed by a large terrace with a wooden planks floorings and an outdoor pool. The different levels, each with their own character, reflect the topography of the terrain.  

Black does not equal Black

 The façade of the Q House is also not half bad. The dark panels that clad the concrete building were manufactured in a special process. They do not only serve in organizing the building and making it better understandable, but also show varying structures and designs. Hence, sunlight is reflected differently, depending on the position of the sun. This, however, results in most different shades and textures that keep watching the house exciting all day long

Project details


Asensio Mah


Fertigstellung: Mai 2009


143 m²


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