Mountain Panorama

Mountain Panorama

Panorama-restaurant Karren

Dining with perspective: the Panorama-Restaurant Karren stages a view over the Rhine Valley, Lake Constance, and the Swiss Alps.

It is situated on Karren, a mountain within the city bounds of Dornbirn, which is for its location alone a popular destination for a day trip. Due to a high number of visitors, an extension and renovation was planned.


The architects of Rüf Stasi Partner (ARSP) found an existing building that was characterized by countless conversions and extensions that had been carried out on it over the years. The future extension was supposed to not only enlarge the room arrangement and rethink the processes in the restaurant, but also give the building and its façade a calmer appearance. Now, after the completion of the construction works, the ensemble consists of two essential structures: a wooden structure and a joined steel and glass structure. The glazed part of the building is in the form of an “U”, rests on columns, and, by connecting with the wooden part, creates a courtyard. Since the building protrudes over the steep terrain, it offers a vast view of the Rhine Valley, Lake Constance, and the Swiss Alps to the west. The wooden existing building has been entirely dismantled and replaced by a new wooden structure. To the south, the building has been enlarged to create more space for the kitchen area and reduce the formerly rugged façade, characterized by projections and recesses.

Construction Site Challenge

The construction works had to be completed within ten weeks for operational reasons. And that, despite the difficulties of the season (winter) and height (956 m ASL), on which the construction site was situated. The only access to the site was a steep and narrow forest track. Hence, only by a high level of prefabrication could the construction be realized in such a short construction time. The individual parts of the wooden structure were pre-assembled in an assembly hall to be transported afterwards to the construction site by a helicopter. In that way, the wooden structure could be erected within two days on the site. The steel parts were brought to the construction site via the narrow access. While the steel structure was being erected, the interior construction work within the wooden structure was carried out at the same time. In this manner, the restaurant could already move in, two days before the official date.

By the way, the restaurant can be reached by hiking or, if someone prefers it more comfortable, by using the cable railway.


pictures by © zooey braun FOTOGRAFIE

Project details


Completion: 2013


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