Between Skyline and Waterfront

Between Skyline and Waterfront

Westhafen Pier

Framed by a heating plant, railway bridge and ship reloading point, the Westhafen pier is a special component of Frankfurt / Main and a popular party location.

The re-design of the Westhafen area is among the most exciting urban developmental projects at the beginning of the 3rd millennium in Frankfurt. The former domestic port has been turned into a modern city quarter. “Westhafen Pier“ is the name of a building ensemble forming a new kind of synthesis of office buildings and an above-ground parking lot on the premises of a former warehouse city of the Westhafen by the river Main in Frankfurt.  

Surroundings characterized by industrial Elements

The environment characterized by industrial elements determined the design. The long and slightly curved area touches the busy railway Neckar bridge in the West, the river shore with its ship reloading point in the South, and the heating plant with its complex infrastructure in the North. Within the scope of the “Westhafen Pier” project, the coal supply line, running all across the premises, has been renewed.

Rough character with fine Peculiarities

Schneider+Schumacher responded to the complex requirements arising from the construction-related surroundings with a nearly nine meters high four-story base, following the lines of the premises. A parking area has been installed above. The 400 m long arcades running all around will be remembered well by visitors, the supporting framework consists of V-shaped ferro-concrete beams. The ferro-concrete shaft for housing the conveyor belt for the coal has been integrated into this structure and thus determines its height. At the Western and Northern ends of the base you will find areas for gastronomy and stores. 

Above, there is a fan-shaped structure of five five-story office disks with connecting structures and terraces providing a view across the river Main. The façade reminds of a camera’s bellows. The closed areas have been covered with sheet-metal disks, open areas are surrounded by headhigh walls of glass. 

The deployed materials and surfaces reflect the surrounding’s rather rough character. However, due to their processing and details, they appear more subtle and elegant. They stand with a lot of self-esteem in front of the backdrop of the heating plant’s outlines.

Cool Party Location

“Future-oriented, open, dynamic, flexible“ – that’s how “Westhafen Pier 1“ describes its own location for any kind of events. The location highlight is spread across two floors, is fully glazed and nearly its full width is directed towards the water. All in all, an area of nearly 1,000 m² is available for events. So let’s party!

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Project details


Schneider+Schumacher Architekturgesellschaft mbH, Frankfurt / Main, Germany


Completion 2003


GFA approx. 31,945 m²


GROSSBAUM Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH


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