Studying on the Drawing Board

Studying on the Drawing Board

MISiS University Campus

Delft bureau Mecanoo has realized a 100 hectare large new campus for the well-known Moscow MISiS university.

Multi-functional Campus

Delft architects of Mecanoo know a lot of university buildings: In Utrecht they have designed the faculty of economics and management, and the TU Delft was their customer in realizing the highly regarded library with its ascending grass roof. Just recently, the team has won the competition for the new campus of the National University of Science and Technology (MISiS) in Moscow, which is among the leading technical academies in Russia.

The project, divided into two construction stages, integrates seven institute buildings, a number of research facilities, apartments for up to 10,000 students and 3,000 employees, a library, a congress center and a sports park, all spread across an area of 100 hectares. As additional functions, hotels, cafés, a movie theater, a number of stores and an underground  car park are intended to be built. The overall floor area of the various buildings is destined to be around 400,000 square meters.

Welcome to the new City

Location of the new campus is the just recently opened quarter of “A101” South of Moscow. Based on a masterplan by Dutch bureau Maxwan, a totally new quarter with about 120,000 dwelling units for up to 300,000 inhabitants is supposed to be built until 2020; until then, the new MISiS location is scheduled to be completed as well. In order to be able to realize the wishes made by the university and to turn the location into a center point and a catalyst of the new quarter at the same time, Mecanoo have designed a campus park with a high tree density and an artificial lake, all accessible by the public. Embedded in this green environment, two central axes are intended to make the various functions accessible. Center point will be the nine-story library and the horizontally developed students’ center, which are supposed to together form an inviting gate situation by the lake.

Maximum Flexibility

In order to be able to respond to changing student numbers or new communication and media technologies anytime, all buildings are set up in a flexible manner. Additional sustainability is planned to be achieved through geothermal heat, rain water as well as natural lighting and ventilation. The whole area is also designed to be free of cars. So far, so good – let the machines in. Since president Medvedev himself wants the project realization to start at the beginning of December at the latest.

Further German architecture in Russia...

Project details


Mecanoo, Delft, The Netherlands


Completion: scheduled for 2020


GFA: 400,000 square meters


Masshtab Development, Moscow, Russia


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admin 3. August 2011 - 22:31

It's a nice project. Everyone that worked on it deserves their congrats!

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admin 3. August 2011 - 23:13

its amazing

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admin 16. February 2012 - 18:38

Pamelita Calderón ya viste semejante a mi proyecto

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redufav 12. August 2013 - 10:25

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n.ew.c.omp.ess 30. August 2013 - 9:32

Dunk Contest Recap

Keri Hilson weren't impressed with Young Hollywood. He will have jumped over three grown adults, a kid in the LeBron James jersey and a Kia Sorento, she were having it. Surely the gorgeous and amazingly talented Georgia native had her reasons; maybe she's a dunk connoisseur which was raised with a nutritious diet of Dominque Wilkins highlights and Josh Smith windmill slams. There wasn't any other logical way she could justify not giving a between both legs dunk just one 9. Maybe it was her subliminal payback for Jordans beating Wilkins within the 1988 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, a tournament that Wilkins clearly won. The outcomes could be immediately beamed up to one global metagame over the accompanying software. If chasing the top score with a local arcade machine or against only a pair of friends on Xbox Live was a good enough competitive environment for several, imagine suffering all of the other world.

While Nike+ Training was major in the afternoon, the night became a showcase for Nike+ Basketball. Live, the key event featured a lot of the top streetball dunkers with the first ever Nike+ Slam Dunk Contest. The judges featured both the individuals that posted some of the best male and female verticals within the Nike+ Training station, local Idaho radio personality Jeff Garcia, rapper Schoolboy Q as well as lovely Miss Hilson. The contest was hosted by Included in the NBA commentator Kenny "The Jet" Smith, who has got referred to as great dunk contest or two within the day. Even though the judges would still determine who exactly wins, fans would be able to see Nike+ at the job as most of the athletes were wearing the Nike+ Lunar Hyperdunk, which recorded their verticals with each and every dunk.

Right here is a recap within the dunks mainly because they happened. For the complete Youtube playlist, just click here you should also sign up for our channel in addition.

Airdogg did a between legs dunk to implement the contest. Not by far the most impressive thing anymore, but when he jumps over somebody to generate ball and afterwards use it between legs, which needs to be impressive. But that isn't going to discover the crowd up. Either we have got progressed a lot for a society that that feat of aestheticism is commonplace nowadays or people were busy checking their phones to see.

Jonesy makes Terrence Stansbury proud by throwing the ball airborn and finishing it having a impression of the Statue of Liberty dunk. Old style dunk fans nod in approval.

In the event the dunk contest weren't scored according to creativity but alternatively on jumping ability, Reemix may possibly won this competition easily considering the 53.3 vertical he posted on his first slam. Overturn dunk weren't essentially the most exciting by itself, yet the elevation plus the ferociousness on the finish overcompensates get rid of.

Young Hollywood shows love to New york in reference to his carry out a Vince Carter classic. Somehow this can make Richard Jefferson's make an attempt to replicate it almost a decade ago more pathetic.

Jus Fly brings the riff-raff therefore to their feet that has a dunk they already have not witnessed before. The between the legs thing has long been performed on death, however resulted in the dunk was really fantastic and felt like a particular fluid motion, for a gazelle on view land, it needs to be seen being believed.

Like Jerry Stackhouse in 2000, Airdogg ought to unenviable task of following up Jus Fly's instant classic. Like Jerry Stackhouse in 2000, his second dunk gets some polite applause certainly nothing more.

Mysteriously, Jonesy's second dunk hadn't been recorded, as if it never happened (actually, I recently forgot to press record on my camera). All over again, NFL ユニフォーム Jonesy makes another Indiana Pacer proud by remixing the Fred Jones "go get it" dunk while cupping the ball Michael Jordanstyle to the finish. The sublime former beauty of that dunk was lost at the judges, however not on Kenny Smith, who tried his great for get people hyped get rid of.

Reemix repeatedly shows some aweinspiring verticality for his second スニーカー·靴 dunk, yet it isn't able to get anybody excited for the "been there done that" nature.

Thats usually where things come to lose their freshness for Young Hollywood. A between both legs dunk would blow the cover off an NBA Dunk Contest but without doubt somehow it isn't going to impress the fans. It had not been before replay everyone saw the way good that dunk was, yet the damage was. And also complete the look, Keri Hilson shows the dunk an 8, which prompts Hollywood to increase on the judges' stage and become on his knees to beg Hilson to modify her score. He's not called "Hollywood" for nothing, folks.

A spinning concerning the legs dunk would've been amazing if Jus Fly may have pulled it away. Sadly, after a number of failed attempts, this individual to be in for your plain version only to reach the finals. Playing it safe will not likely win Jus Fly any fans, yet it will not less than get him in the position to win the competition. Smith, but like 10 x better) would have been a workmanlike performance which in fact have zero enthusiasm.

Jus Fly requires a gymnastics background because his dexterity is fantastic while he may carry the ball going after just doing a handsstand and jumping up for one slam without a hitch. Shawn Johnson had better be taking notes if she will be considering a comeback.

Without a penny more to allow, Young Hollywood is unable to replicate Airdogg's first dunk and opens the door take an easy Jus Fly victory. Keri Hilson's shortage of confidence may have that AIR JORDANスニーカー impact on people.

Sensing victory, Jus Fly weren't required to surface some wild and dangerous dunk that might have cost him the title. Instead, he gave Nike+ another nod by jumping as much as he possibly could (43.Two inches), clearing the rim in the act and finishing it using a viscous windmill.

Nike+ Training and Basketball might be coming June 29th with the Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+ ladies, the Nike Lunar TR +1 gentlemen and also Nike+ Lunar Hyperdunk guys and women. Consider our slideshow for images of the shoe pertaining to.

Follow me on Twitter assure to consider and enjoy the Examiner Kicks Facebook page and our Youtube channel which is complete with updates and commentary shipment see here.'s picture 6. September 2013 - 17:23

50m missing women of South Asia remembered
She emphasised on importance of greater ownership inside the campaign by your political parties to successfully play active role for legislation to avoid violence against women from the Pakistan.
The shoe memorial ceremony, held here on Friday, also initiated the collaboration of events across 32 districts of Punjab, KhyberPakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Balochistan, marking the international Movement of 16 Events of Activism for avoidance of Violence against Women. These events include change maker (persons who pledge not to ever commit any violence against women) rallies, walks, mobile vans and press conferences.
Commenting to the occasion, 'We Can' National Coordinator Hajera Pasha said: "Each pair represents a one woman who lost her life a consequence of violence, now shopping for this huge stack we are able comprehend that the total number of lives have not been valued."
'We Can' end all violence against women global campaign marked the symbolic representation of shoe memorial ceremony in remembrance of fifty million missing women of South Asia.
Hajra said core alteration in the incidents of violence could be achieved through changing the mindsets regarding violence. Public denouncement of violence and commitment of not committing violence is our tool to accomplish this alternation in mindset.
"By doing work in collaboration of partners in 36 districts of Pakistan, we have scores men and woman that vowed by no means to commit any violence resistant to the females and luckily they are intelligent disseminating this message to others" she added.
Some time of silence was observed to give homage around the 50 million missing women of South Asia and their remembrance was attributed by candle vigil and dropping of flowers. The ceremony was attended mainly because of the persons in civil society and youth groups from schools of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The collected shoes (ladies used up shoes) will be given to women in need of assistance through proper charitable organisations.

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n.ew.c.omp.ess 12. September 2013 - 5:08

Nike Air Max Tailwind

In the event you finished up on this page, then wait for it for some with the lowest prices anywhere for any Nike Air Max Tailwind 2009. In the following paragraphs have links within the best websites for great deals as well as benefit to having shipping and delivery. So in case you like to start saving money, go and visit our reccomendation.

This page was designed together with the intetion of providing all the details people wanted given it to do with the widely accepted running sneaker, the Nike Air Max Tailwind. We're going to furnish you with and overview and review in the different Tailwinds, 2009 and 2008. In case you're contemplating purchasing this shoe, then every piece of information you need is actually appropriate here. So sit by and studied that which we are saying for this truly good shoes.

When you're considering an effective running shoe, then you need to definitely take into account the Nike Air Max Tailwind 2009. This shoe is made for individuals who like to run and will tell you the sneaker does an exceptional job. When you manage, you should have a cosy shoe as well as the Nike Tailwind 2009 does that effectively. While running from the shoe, the landings shall be plush which is with the sneakers option to absorb impact. The Nike AirMax cushioning system are found underneath the shoe this also important part technologies are what increases the shoe the cabability to be so perfect. The knees will thank you should people run with a pair. The shoe is extremely lightweight and breathable, so those of you that run, they're going to have a clue how important this is recommended to their feet. Great traction is in addition available courtesy of the BRS 1000 outsole.

Nike Air Max Tailwind 2009 Sneaker Overview

Breathable mesh upper that has got overlays that provide a cushty fit with the heel within the midfoot. This produces a comfortable fit for the whole foot

You will find added comfort and underfoot support as a result of the molded EVA sockliner

The shoe has reflective elements to it, which assist it great to remain worn in low visibility or low light conditions

There is a lowpressure heel air sole that gets its support from foam pillars. These can lead to a comfortable ride that targets on the cushioning needs

There is also a Max Air system which can provide excellent cushioning

The midsole of the shoe is constructed from Cushlon and this also gives great cushioning

The waffle pattern at the end on the shoe allows excellent traction

Nike Air Max Tailwind 2009 Men's Running Shoe

The beauty with this shoe would be that it is designed for men. The shoe could have the right comfort and support that male runners will be needing. This is a great supportive shoe LEBRON JAMES and it works quite well.

Nike Air Max Tailwind 2009 Women's Athletic shoe

Women ought not to fear and there is Tailwinds which are designed specifically for the kids. These footwear appearance and feel great. Because females have different demands than me, these shoes are structured and furnished with women under consideration.

If you buy two Nike Air Max Tailwind 2009's, to perform never want another shoe again. Individuals this footwear just as one upgrade to the older runners I needed. As soon as i tried them on, my feet felt just like I got in heaven. The shoes were COMFORTABLE we do not believe That i've ever experienced footwear of this nature before. Besides from comfort, designed to suit really well and were excellent running in. I actually have always loved Nikes Air Max system together with the one which works with this shoe is simply amazing. With the ability to take all the shock we generate while running. You will find very small pain during my knees as the impact is absorbed by way of the shoe.

We'd suggest the Nike Air Max Tailwind 2009 Trainers. The shoe provides the comfort that the runner will require, yet still who's is mostly a good harvests sneaker. If you ever run, walk or train, you should definitely glance at the Tailwind.

The Nike Air Max Tailwind 4 when its release was one of many sneakers which have the skills be customized using Nike ID. The shoe is 人気スニーカー·靴 not being sold now, nonetheless you often will discover a pair on Ebay or examples of the more obscure website.

The Nike Air Max Tailwind 5 Plus was the predecessor within the shoes that you can get now. It had been thought of as an excellent shoes because surely could provide both performance and elegance.

The shoe used the Nike Zoom Air system through the heel and forefoot and also this managed to a few feet the cushioning that NEW ERA キャップ it needed. Associated with pension transfer Nike athletic shoes, it has a breathable mesh upper that had been competent to manage temperature. The Duralon forefoot and carbon rubber were also capable of offer a comfortable ride.

an ideal Footwear for each Event
Appeals Court Reinstates Black Fraternities and Sororities Situation against Converse

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「でも、なかなかよくやってたじゃないの」  探るような目付きで私を見る。
 私は心臓に痛みを感じた。射たれたのは私だと思った。 『もっきり屋の少女』では旅人はいちはやく酔ってしまい、気がついたときは奥の部屋にねかされていて、障子越し[#「障子越し」に傍点]に、もっきり屋の少女が酔客に遊ばれているのを知る。『リアリズムの宿』では本当に貧乏そのものの宿にとまったことに苛立ちながら後悔してふとんに入った旅人が、障子越し[#「障子越し」に傍点]に、宿の子どもが教科書に載った芥川竜之介の『蜘蛛の糸』を読むのを聞く。旅人と土地の人間との関係は、あくまでも障子越し[#「障子越し」に傍点]の淡い関係だ。旅人は彼らの生活に立ち入る勇気も無神経さも持ち合わせていないが、同時に、彼らの静かな生活が自分の「流れ雲旅」に落とす影に鈍感でもない。
〈あった……〉  東京はほんとうに奥行きがある。ふところが深い。どこまで行っても次の皮ならぬ次の町がでてくる。町ごと、通りごとに「たくさんの意志がひしめきあっている」。しかも冒頭に書いたように、ひとつひとつの町のなかで消滅と誕生のドラマが日常的に繰り返される。いわば、東京は表層的には無機的都市になっているのに、深層的には混沌とした変容を繰り返す有機的都市なのだ。今日、都市論がさかんになっているのは、都市が人間の深層心理世界の混沌の象徴になっているためだと思う。森でも海でもなく、樹木でも岩でもなく、都市というもっとも人工的な空間こそが、実はもっとも人間の心・身体の内部の混沌・無意識に対応しているという逆説こそが都市論のおもしろいところなのではないか。
 と、ポチが言った。「この中を二つの勢力で割って争わせとくのさ。その両方をつかんでりゃ、何でもやれる」  そういえば「ガード下」にはカレー屋だけでなく、喫茶店にしてもカウンター式のところが多い。喫茶店というよりコーヒースタンドである。いかにも忙しいサラリーマン向けだ。会社に急ぐ男たちが朝、わずかな「余暇」を見つけて椅子に腰をおろし、コーヒーをあわただしく飲んでいく。「ガード下」ならではの「忙中閑あり」である。
 「母のところにいるわ。学校でも幼《よう》稚《ち》園《えん》でも、もう知れ渡《わた》ってるもの」  一つの丘があった。両側を細い支流に区切られて独立し、芒が馬の鬣のように、頂上まで匍い上っていた。その形を私は何故か女陰に似ていると思った。's picture 7. October 2013 - 3:30

「仕事の当ては?」 「おかげさまでね」
 私はこの事実に気がつかず、こっちの斜面で芋に不足しないまま、向うの斜面に行って見なかった私の怠惰を悔いた。 「OK」
「警察でもそう考えているんですか」  その時、木戸署長のデスクの電話が鳴った。受話器を取った木戸署長の横柄な口調が急に丁寧になった。どうやら本間警視かららしい。私はほっと胸を撫でおろした。
 マリは胸が熱くなり、そしていつしか目に涙が溢《あふ》れて来ているのを感じたのだった……。  二人《ふたり》は廊《ろう》下《か》を歩いて行った。
 おやじさんに教えられてそのラドン館に行ってみると、そこはこの土地の繊維財閥片倉一族が昭和の初めに建てたという明治風の建物。上諏訪の鹿鳴館と呼ばれるほどの古い由緒あるものだ。そこがラドン温泉の公衆風呂になっている。さすが湯の町である。  ビールを呑んで寝床に入った。なかなか寝つかれなかった。そのうち疲れで眠ってしまったようだ。
「まあ、いい、お前はまだ歩けねえ。もうちっと癒ったら、手伝って貰うさ」  そしてその不安定な姿勢は、私がその間違った意志を持つのを止めたと、納得するまで続くのである。's picture
d.f.g.d.fg.dg.d... 7. October 2013 - 3:31

「何だ、そうなのか。残念! 君におぶってもらって、空中散歩をしたかったのにな」  私はなおも笑いながら、眼の下に散らばった傷兵に背を向けて、径を上り出した。もしこの行為の直接の結果が、さしあたり私自身の生命を延ばすことでなかったなら、私の足取りはさらに颯爽としていたろう。
 私はため息をついた。  と堀谷兼二郎は笑った。「兄の家は私の所からすぐです。——ああ、そちらの美しいお嬢さんも、よければご一緒に」
 顔をこわばらせて、身がまえて立っている源に声をかけると、楠の木のおばあは、源太の手に、子どもの時からよくそうしてくれたように、ほのあまい香りのかきもちをのせてくれました。  死者達は笑っていた。もしこれが天上の笑いというものであれば、それは怖しい笑いである。
 と、しばらく言い淀んでから、「あんなに母は苦労したんだもの、少しは何とかしてくれてもいいと思って……」 「きみ、皮肉かね」
 顔をこわばらせて、身がまえて立っている源に声をかけると、楠の木のおばあは、源太の手に、子どもの時からよくそうしてくれたように、ほのあまい香りのかきもちをのせてくれました。  といいながら、若い兵士が寄って来た。頬が尖り、髯は延びていたが、彼が現役兵であるのは、太い眉の下で活溌に動く眼で知られた。これは上等兵であった。
「兄はどんな話をしました?」  と、マリが首を振っていると、's picture 7. October 2013 - 3:37

 と、マリは肯いて、「中山さんと前田理事長は、一《ヽ》人《ヽ》だ《ヽ》っ《ヽ》た《ヽ》んです」 「悪魔にゃ、感謝する心なんてないよ」
 「大丈夫だろう」 「困ったな。まあ俺がついててやるから、安心しな」
 と永松がいうと、眼がまた大きくなった。そして怒ったように、無言で永松を見た。こっちは横を向き、腰を下した。 「この店は何年になるんです?」
 暗い闇に目が徐々に慣れていく。 「人のせいにするわけですね。部長になれば彼女とは別れられなくなると予想はついたんじゃないですか」
「今日は、旦那」  十分もすると、ヘトヘトになってしまう。それでも、早くホテルへ戻《もど》らなくてはならない。頑張って約三十分で、事《じ》務《む》所《しよ》中のロッカー、キャビネをめちゃめちゃにした。
 そういう感情を無視した、或いは避けて通った私のこれまでの生活は、必ずしも条理に反したものではなかったが、もしこの感情に少しでも根拠があるならば、以来私のこれまでの生活は長い誤謬の連続にすぎない。私はこの点に関し、かつて決定的に考えたことがなかったのに気がついた。  井口は肯《うなず》いて、思わず身《み》震《ぶる》いした。武《む》者《しや》振《ぶる》い、というやつである。's picture 7. October 2013 - 4:01

「しっかりしろ。水だ」  この病院を囲む武蔵野の低い地平に、見えない野火が数限りなく、立ち上っているのを感じる。
 港から見ると山の上に、明治村にあってもおかしくないような古い時計台のような建物が見える。なんだろうと思って港にいた老人に聞くと、一年前に出来たばかりの三国町郷土資料館だという。さっそく歩いてそこへ行くことにした。   麻布の温泉
「どうしたらいいの」  風が吹いていた。かつて私が祖国の夏の海岸で吹かれた風と、同じ湿度と匂いを持った風であった。日を照り返す海面を渡って来て、私の体を孤独な一点に包み、頬をかすめ脚間を抜けて、颯々と吹き過ぎて行った。
「有難う」  と斉木は薄笑いを浮かべた。
 そこへ、当直の若い警官が顔を出した。  「会社で?」
 「ちょっと待って」  蠅が降って来た。空を一面に、花のように満たして、唸りながら、真直に私の顔に急降下して来た。神の血であった。's picture
d.fgdfg.dg.dfgd... 7. October 2013 - 4:02

 「あら、ご迷《めい》惑《わく》?」 「…………」
 一行は名刺を出した。  「警察は?」
 その時、木戸署長のデスクの電話が鳴った。受話器を取った木戸署長の横柄な口調が急に丁寧になった。どうやら本間警視かららしい。私はほっと胸を撫でおろした。 「どなたかのご紹介でした?」
 「私も一緒に行っていいでしょうか? 一人だとまた神《しん》経《けい》をやられて——」  私は襖の破れた押し入れに近付いて開けた。
 これ等の徴候が一群の心理学者の制作に係るならば、私はそれらの専門家を憎む。しかし革命家達はこの組織を壊滅さすのに、実に愚劣な方策しか案出出来ないのであって、しかも互いに一致せず、つまらぬ方針の争いを繰り返している。  しかし長い梅雨が明けてようやく夏気分になったのだろう、小湊鉄道の始発駅五井に朝の十時ごろに着くと、ホームは学生や家族連れでにぎわっていた。二両連結の車両はまたたくまに満席になった。捕虫網を持った小学生に釣り竿を持った父親、それにおにぎりが入っているに違いない竹のかごを持った母親。これだけは昔から変らない夏休み風景である。
 川田は声をかけたが、女のほうは、聞こえているのかどうかも心もとない様子で、ただ、身震いしながら座っているだけなのである。 「一旦戻ったんですけど、またやって来ましたの。ちょっと相談したいことがありましてね。主人は用で出かけてますけど」

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