forest district 14 commercial building

In a small mountain town in the Ore Mountains, forest district 14 presents itself with an unexpectedly modern commercial building.

And of course, how could it be otherwise speaking a forestry, the building in the town of Eibenstock is made of wood. It has been planned and realized by atelier st Architects. The building has an insulated storage- and function unit, as well as a non-insulated garage area, where the forest machines are being stored. The storage- and function unit contains storage areas for the forest departments and -districts, as well as cold storage cells for game, sanitary facilities, and utility rooms.

Reinterpretation of regional aspects

The architecture of the surrounding mountain villages and -towns is optimally adapted to the rough climatic conditions of the mountain region, and is very traditional in shape and choice of materials. When designing, the architects picked up the regional features, and reinterpreted them. What resulted was a strikingly shaped structure with an interesting wooden façade.

Forest and wood

We are talking about a framing construction with wooden trusses on a reinforced concrete slab. For the cladding in the interior and the bracing of the walls, OSB panels have been used. The surfaces of the inner walls and the floor slab have been retained unchanged, and only received a special after treatment (smoothing). Since it is a purely commercial building, the cost of materials for the interior could be reduced.

High-quality architecture and, still, economically efficient

This procedure increased the economic efficiency of the new building, but still, did not deny it a high-quality architecture. The distinctly cut structure finds its role model in the surrounding buildings. The architecture of Eibenstock is characterized by the pitched roofs that are typical for this region. The architects picked up this theme in a new fashion. Based on the edges of the property, they developed a single-storied, acute-angled structure with five different roof areas. The entrance areas of the building are clearly recognizable as distinct cuttings into the building volume. Here, roofed areas have been created, which can be used for external storage or outdoor works, especially in the case of heavy snowfall.

Besides its expressive shape, it is its special façade, which makes it so conspicuous. The latter consists to a large extent of western red cedar wood shingles. Both the roof areas and the façade are clad with it. The wooden shingles have been applied to the roof- and façade surfaces by means of a substructure, battens, and counter battens. Those are 60 cm long, and have been placed in three layers on top of each other in a staggered arrangement. Only the cuttings into the building at the entrance area are clad with another material, aluminium composite panels.


Even though the theme of the pitched roofs of the Ore Mountains is hardly found in the five rather slightly sloping  roof areas, the building, still, easily manages to integrate into its environment. The material of wooden shingles was discovered by the architects in the surrounding towns and villages of the Ore Mountains. Here, it has been used at all times as the locally typical material for roofing. Also, wood, as the chosen construction- and façade material, relates to the environment and its users, or that is to say the forestry work and the surrounding forests.

Project details


atelier st



November 2010 fertig gestellt 


size: 347 m2



customer: Land Sachsen, vertreten durch Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement (SIB) Niederlassung Zwickau 

Structural Engineer: Hörnicke | Hock | Thieroff – HHT, Berlin


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tonybennet25_1's picture
tonybennet25_1 29. January 2015 - 16:12

A modern commercial building made of wood? Interesting project and considering that its main purpose is to store forest machines, wood was the best building material that architects could have chosen. Not many people are lucky to have such storage facility at hand, but they can find one It doesn't matter the object's size that need to be stored, they have units for all sizes.

martina.p.trim's picture
martina.p.trim 5. April 2016 - 14:19

The building has a dynamic concept and it looks so fascinating, the architect has done a fabulous job here. Now most construction materials could be found online, not just that but you can also find exclusive items like wood pallets for sale online.

ina.k.charlie's picture
ina.k.charlie 6. April 2016 - 9:04

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