Mediterranean sustainable Sweden

Mediterranean sustainable Sweden

Uppgränna Naturhus

The Nature House in Uppgränna brings a Mediterranean climate to Sweden and sensitizes people for sustainable behavior.

Environmental protection and sustainability – these are probably, in the long term, the most important issues of our time. Of course, these issues also highly affect architecture. Since many years, architects and engineers have been working on concepts for sustainable and environmentally friendly building. Already in the 1970s, Swedish architect Bengt Warne developed his “Nature House” (“naturhus” in Swedish) concept. Gothenburg-based practice Tailor Made arkitekter are convinced that, even after forty years, this concept is still a great idea. They passionately devote themselves to building these sustainable houses. One beautiful specimen of this type has just been completed in June this year in the small village of Uppgränna near Lake Vättern.

A Timber House in a Greenhouse

The Uppgränna Nature House is a multifunctional building that comprises conference and event premises as well as a café. An existing building in the form of a barn had been demolished earlier. The new building, however, follows its predecessor’s appearance and that of the other surrounding buildings with a bright-red timber façade. But the façade is only partly similar to the other buildings. The rest of it presents itself more than extraordinary with a huge glass roof. This is a crucial part of the Nature House concept: The upper part is a house within a house, meaning an insulated timber volume that is widely enveloped by a gigantic, unheated “greenhouse”.

Mediterranean Sweden

The “greenhouse” houses plant beds and terraces with a fantastic view of Lake Vättern – and all that in a Mediterranean climate. For the glass envelope retards and moderates the outer variations in temperature, whereas the inside temperatures never get below seven degrees centigrade, which is pretty warm for Sweden in winters.

Within your own Cycle

The large multi-purpose building does not require a connection to the municipal sewer, for it possesses its own sewage recycling system. The large plant beds cleanse the wastewater taking up nutrients from it, which will ultimately result in growing fruits. Owing to this microcosm, the Nature House sensitizes people for a sustainable and non-toxic lifestyle, for everything you give into the system will eventually come back to you.


Since the outer design is inspired by traditional Swedish barns, most of the windows and doors are equipped with shutters that are typical for this architecture, which gives a certain dynamic to the façade and reduces heat loss when unused. The combination of this bright-red rural façade and the enormous “greenhouse” is not only a great thing in terms of sustainability but also just looks great. What is more, as a friend of a warmer climate, I especially appreciate the gigantic greenhouse as a moderate quasi outdoor area on colder days. The only thing that bothers me a bit about this kind of architecture is the question of how agreeable the inside temperatures will be during really hot summers.

Project details


Completion: 2015


Area: 520 m²;


Area greenhouse: 200 m²


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