Sauerbruch Hutton

Sauerbruch Hutton

Since its foundation, the architectural firm Sauerbruch Hutton has been causing stirs on an international level with their impressive buildings.

Sauerbruch Hutton wasfounded in 1989 by Matthias Sauerbruch and Louisa Hutton in London at first. Since 1993, the bureau, now conducting business on an international level, meanwhile managed by four more partners, has its headquarters in Berlin. Here, there are currently about 90 architects, designers, technicians, model makers and administration experts working, coming from about twelve different countries.

Works: The Designs evolve through Dialog

It is the credo of this busy company to create individual and sustainable solutions, taking the special needs of its users into account, developed in a close dialog with its surroundings. To achieve this, the firm always co-operates closely with respective experts from the very beginning of the design stage. This holistic design approach intends to connect the sensual qualities of space and materials with the pragmatic deployment of technology, especially when dealing with available resources. What can almost called a personal signature of the team are structures, usually with organically curved layouts as well as curvy, often colorful façades, that often like to spread like landscape-architectural large-scale shapes within their area of design, as you can see with the multi-award winning Federal Environment Agency in Dessau in German, for instance. However, these functional designs developed with a heavy portion of fantasy have nothing to do with a futuristic, mostly uneconomic Blob architecture. The well-known Brandhorst collection, the ashlar-shaped museum building in Munich, Germany, could be almost called an exception regarding its structure development.

Creative Achievement: Airiness and Friendliness characterize the Designs  

Hitherto, the built projects, always radiating a certain airiness and friendliness, comprise office and administration buildings, research and production facilities as well as projects in the field of university and residential buildings. For some of their buildings, the company also worked in the field of product design, emphasizing its holistic approach and attention to detail.
For their architecture, Sauerbruch Hutton has already won numerous national and international awards, among them the Deutscher Architekturpreis and the US-American AIA Award.


All projects of Sauerbruch Hutton:

ADAC main administration

Oval Offices

Federal Environment Agency


other projects ...

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Project details


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