Heirs of „Sin“

Heirs of „Sin“

House in Mölle

Elding Oscarson revives in the Swedish town of Mölle the tradition of a “sinful” avant-garde.

At the turn of the 20th century, the Swedish town of Mölle must have been something like a paradise for the extremely sinful. Because here, God forbid, mixed bathing was actually allowed! This call of permissiveness was not only followed by the Swedish, but also by people from many other European countries. And when such a potpourri of free spirits settles down somewhere, it certainly has an impact on the local architecture. Hence, the architecture in Mölle became quite eccentric and experimental until the middle of the 20th century, until they started focussing rather on conservation. Therefore, Elding Oscarson and a family of three intended to revive Mölle’s dormant architecture and take it to the 21st century.

Greetings from Le Corbusier

The architects did not break taboos like the mixed bathers did at that time. But there is still some liberalness in the single-family house, since the façade on the ground floor is entirely glazed which you might call a bit exhibitionist. Of course, such a transparent façade is not exactly shocking and new. But this one raises some structural questions. A little bit worried, you look for the parts that support the upper floor of the one-storey building at first glance, until you recognize the slender pilotis.

Giant Planks

The one thing that is really extraordinary is the façade on the upper floor. Because this one is clad in Douglas fir planks of a size you have never seen before. By these jumbo planks alone, the house already does justice to the experimental heritage of Mölle. The extraordinary façade is interrupted by many, sometimes very large glazed openings.

More than just Sea View

The floor plan of the ground and first floor is designed as an eccentric Y with three different wings. On the one hand, this divides the outdoor area into different spaces, and offers interesting views that are not restricted to the sea on the other. Besides a stone and brick wall, the plot also offers an old ice cellar and a rich vegetation.

The ground floor is designed as an open-plan living, kitchen and dining area. A pantry and a toilet serve as separating elements at the intersection between the three wings. A spiral staircase leads to the lower and upper floor, the latter of which housing the bedrooms and another living room.


It is indeed remarkable how a more than hundred years old breach of taboo can still influence local architecture today. But the single-family house in Mölle by the sea does not only meet the requirements of the architects and clients to rediscover and modernize an old avant-garde. Without a doubt, it won’t remain the only building to be clad in jumbo planks for long, but will inspire others soon. Apart from this unique feature, it also offers an exciting floor plan, natural brightness due to an abundance of glass, and a special situation, which makes it a very well-done, cosy home.


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divapetfood's picture
divapetfood 1. March 2016 - 10:15

Its unique home!! I think its made by wood.But looking wonderful....

divapetfood's picture
divapetfood 1. March 2016 - 10:15

Its unique home!! I think its made by wood.But looking wonderful....