Reduced to what’s necessary

Reduced to what’s necessary

Ciutat de la Justicia

Chipperfield’s law district in Barcelona can’t be called nice really, but it suits the occasion.

Concrete in a deliberately cage-like box shape – no way the nine buildings of the new Barcelona law district, designed by David Chipperfield together with Spanish architect Fermín Vázquez, could have been realized in a more drastic fashion. The ashlars, broken up by narrow passages and arranged towards the street in the form of a quite fortifying appearing curve, are impressive. This impression from afar cannot be softened by the color pigmentation of the individual buildings each held in monochrome blue, yellow, green, red, or even pink. However, the benefit of this ensemble is beyond dispute: Where court rooms, cells for the inmates and administrative buildings used to be scattered across the city, making efficient working difficult, you will now find up to 15 floors high complexes, partly connected with each other, along Gran Via Barcelonas – compact and efficient. Chipperfield has created the connection of four buildings through a five-floor, cleverly integrated atrium, which seems to be floating. Here, the (free) visitor has reached the heart of the law district and comes to terms with the impact of the first impression, from an architectural point of view at least ...

Order comes first

Chipperfield’s brute architecture is very daunting: Its façades consisting of countless loopholes arranged in an upright manner definitely remind of that law and order cannot be perverted. The four buildings, situated centrally through their curved arrangement, each house court rooms on the first floor. The atrium connecting them has the task of a filter or a catalyzer and welcomes and dismisses its visitors at the beginning and the end their stay. The other buildings house law-related services. A forensic institute, two commercial buildings and rooms for the employees can be found on the premises. At least inside the narrow light ribbons create, when touched by sunlight, an appealing, gracefully looking, fan-like floor mosaic – a pleasant contrast to the heaviness outside. What Chipperfield also did inside was using the concrete color of the outside for the pillars, something which also loosens up things.

Made to last quite a Bit

240,000 m3 ofconcrete the construction workers mixed on location from 2002 through 2009, so the architects were able to check the color immediately. Another advantage of material pigmenting compared with painting: The character of the building material concrete remains unchanged. No maintenance required through light fastness is also part of the game – even with Spain’s strong sun. Thus, the law district is designed to last long. Depending on the perspective, Ciutat de la Justicia is a landmark of justice – or a reminder to change your life for the better ...

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Project details


David Chipperfield Architects, London, UK


Completed in 2009


GFA 241,500 m², spread across 9 buildings; 330,000 m² plot area


GISA, Departament de Justicia


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david chipperfield :D

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