Elliptic Exhibition Rooms

Elliptic Exhibition Rooms

International Automotive Exposition Center

On the occasion of the International Automotive Expo, Henn Architekten has designed Beijing’s first automobile museum.

“For a greener Future“, that’s the motto of the automotive fair, which took place in spring 2010 in the Chinese capital of Beijing. The exhibition center is a design by Henn Architekten fromMunich, who had won a respective competition held in 2004.  

Meanwhile, the lot has been optimized in terms of size and function, the design has been further developed. Spread across 55,000 square meters, it now holds a museum along with showrooms, a conference center, a sales area and a university for automotive research and development.

Ellipse across the Room

In the South of the lot you will find the largest building of the International Automotive Exposition Center, along with a museum and a conference center. Henn Architekten has divided the building’s first floor in two halves. An open passage connects the two building parts with each other. In the Southern sector of the building there is a generous entrance hall. Here, the architects have designed an oval room, spreading generously towards the top. The visual effect: The bottom floor breaks through the floors above. The fifth floor has been conceptualized as a spanning room by Henn Architekten, closing the oval room at the top, at the same time creating an open and light-flooded room climate.
A permanent exhibition inside the museum documents the development of cars and the automotive industry in general through the ages. The 4D movie theater in the Northern building sector allows the visitors to get lasting impressions of all things automotive.

120 people work at the museum’s administrative department. The offices are spread across two floors and touch the exhibition rooms. The adjacent conference center provides seminar rooms of various sizes and seats for all in all 650 participants.

Project details


Henn Architekten


55.000 m²


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modhuleenab's picture
modhuleenab 29. October 2015 - 9:30

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banik.prabir's picture
banik.prabir 30. October 2015 - 12:16

This museum does have an imposing facade and those who are in love with cars they would love to explore this place. However, to make sure that your car is in good condition, you should take it for servicing frequently. If you need new parts or lubrication systems then you should buy these items from a reputed brand.

banik.prabir's picture
banik.prabir 30. October 2015 - 13:57

It really feels wonderful to learn that architects are finally creating such amazing buildings. However, to make the roads more safer the local authorities should consider installing portable traffic signals. It would help them prevent accidents.