Under an icy Roof

Under an icy Roof

Hungerburg railway

Overcoming the altitude difference of 288 meters with the new Hungerburg railway is like a trip through the mind of Zaha Hadid.

Building new Hungerburg railway in Innsbruck has been discussed already since the 1940s. Finally, in 2007, the time had come. The new train to Hungerburg was inaugurated. Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid had won the respective contest.

Before the old, listed train had to make way for the new one, there were massive protests by the locals along with the demand for a referendum. However, the ones in charge refused, so new Hungerburg train had to hold its ground against the concerns of the opposition.

The supporters made a few points making a new railway necessary. The prestigious project mainly had to meet tourist-related purposes, according to the main idea, apart from that, the train was supposed to be a crucial and comfortable (and environment-friendly) connection between Innsbruck downtown and the terrain high up in the Alps. The railway was also a means to increase the number of visitors of the Alpine zoo.

Inspired by Glaciers

Zarah Hadid presented her design with shapes inspired  by glaciers, with unusual lines that are typical for her. New Hungerburg railway connects Innsbruck downtown with the quarter of Hungerburg through an only 8 minute ride. The track has four stops – Congress, Löwenhaus, Alpenzoo and Hungerburg – all designed by Hadid.

The track starts with the centrally located congress building and overcomes, below ground, the first altitude difference to Löwenhaus. River Inn is crossed with a 242 long slant steel rope bridge, also designed by Hadid, supporting the architectural concept.

According to Zaha Hadid, the station building’s architecture is based on the regional landscape phenomenon of icy and snowy sceneries. The building plays with the contrast  between massive fair-faced concrete and an innovative  shell structure of milky-white glass. The organic and overhanging roof elements seem to float above the earthed concrete, since they hardly touch the ground. In order to let the shapes appear so light and ephemeral, an innovative steel-aluminum substructure has been developed.

Realized with innovative Technology

A peculiarity of the construction is the building shell made of thermally shaped glass. The all in all more than 1,100 individual elements of plain float glass were manufactured in China and attached to the substructure on location. Since conventional attachment methods could not be deployed due to the complex geometry, a method of its own was developed, tailor-made for this project. Pecondition for the construction was, among other things, the requirement of non-visible connections and the existing, very different geometry of the individual elements.

Standardized metal stripes were attached to the glass panes. These, in turn, were screwed onto the digitally CNC-made and individual PE pofiles, sitting on the steel bulkheads of the supporting structure. The joints were left open for building physical reasons. On the roof tops, the individual elements were sealed in a permanently elastic manner.

The glass was coated on the inside with a light green, opaque coating, this way it looks like ice. And indeed, the building’s architecture seems to be melting into its surroundings, especially when the land is covered with ice and snow. Only the dark, striking joints seem to not match the otherwise discreet surface, although they are definitely required due to the way the building is constructed, they also make the geometry of the individual elements understandable.

Here, Zaha Hadid has created a holistic concept, turning the ride with the Hungerburg railway into a special architectural event. The unusual architecture will certainly be an eye-catcher, giving Innsbruck another architectural highlight.


Project details


Zaha Hadid Architects


Year of construction: 2007


Altitude difference: 288m
Altitude base station: 569 m
Altitude top station: 857 m


ARGE Nordkettenbahn


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