Intelligent Embedding Head Office Building of the AachenMünchener Versicherung AG in Aachen

Intelligent Embedding Head Office Building of the AachenMünchener Versicherung AG in Aachen

In the Southern part of Aachen downtown, halfway between central station and the cathedral, the new AachenMünchener Versicherung AG head office was completed in July 2010. The design by kadawittfeldarchitektur, intelligently embedded into the already existing urban context, adds a line of four generously glazed new buildings of various sizes to the already existing skyscraper from the 1970s also owned by the corporation. The various buildings are connected to form a complete ensemble via a multiply kinked bridge floating freely on the third floor. This opening bridge has been designed as an “inner boulevard“ housing the collectively used canteen, the cafeteria, meeting rooms, conference areas and communication zones.

Heart of the complex is an eight-storey, partly supported volume housing the main entrance of the AachenMünchener. The other buildings have been provided with a partly angular ascending roof and have been adjusted to the adjacent buildings in terms of height. The elegantly detailed glass façades with their slender black aluminum profiles allow for a flowing transition between the inside and the outside in all areas. Anodized aluminum panels held in a golden color have been inserted into the partly closed base areas as a contrast.

The call for a maximum of publicity and communication is followed by the urban spatial organisation of this new building complex: In order to keep the premises of the new building free as a public area and to bring some life to it also after business hours, kadawittfeldarchitektur developed a varied line of passages and squares provided with an extra bit of dynamics through the opening bridge. This way the planners did not only succeed in interpreting the Gründerzeit city structure and its typical block development along with semi-public inner courtyards, but they also realized a new direct footpath between the central station and downtown. A peculiarity of this so-called “Via Culturalis“ is the public flight of stairs leading the pedestrian below and beyond the glass bridge and surmounting a height difference of nearly 8 meters. A convincing response to the multi-façeted topography of the city of Aachen.

Project details


kadawittfeldarchitektur, Aachen, Germany


Realization 2006-2010


GFA: 29,050 sqm


AachenMünchener Versicherung AG, represented by AMB Generali


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