Future Plans

Future Plans

Wohnhaus E4

The dwelling house E4 already has a plan for the future at hand. Usable as a holiday home at the moment, in the future...

...it may serve as a permanent residence in old age as well. 

Haus E4 designed by Bembé Dellinger Architects is situated at Oberhofen /Irsee, a landscape surrounded by mountains and lakes, near Salzburg, Austria. Thanks to its façade of larch shingles, the dwelling house easily integrates into the surrounding landscape.

The architects had already planned several projects in the area of the Fünf-Seen-Land, and had had some experiences with the regulations of landscape protection they could fall back upon.


The material wood is dominant in the entire building. It was used as a surface material in both the façade and the interior as well. Additional to the wooden surfaces, there are some areas in the interior that are white plastered. Every room has been designed individually with these two kinds of surfaces. Only the bedroom is clad exclusively with wood. The fibration of this natural building material gives each room a direction, and thus, an orientation.

The building has been erected as a massive construction of reinforced concrete and bricks. The structure is clad with a ventilated façade of larch shingles. Altogether, the building appears as a stretched structure with curved balcony overhangs. The curved shapes of the building are emphasized by the larch shingle façade.

…and glass

The building has a multitude of different openings. At the ground floor, a large glazing creates a strong connection to the outdoor area. Thanks to many glazed surfaces, the upper floor has a strong orientation towards the outside as well. But due to the balconies, the glass surfaces seem to step back here. Thus, a protected outdoor area is created. A roof terrace completes the building at its top. It is almost unperceivable from below, for the parapet turns sloping around the corner, enclosing the open space behind it. 

Project details


Bembé Dellinger Architekten


Completed: 2009


Volume: 1808 cbm


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lusso's picture
lusso 26. November 2014 - 5:57

This looks a little like what the architect of the gardens of Versailles did a few centuries ago. Taking care of a garden isn't as simple as a kitchen renovation but it mostly requires a really steady hand and a very opened imagination.

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lusso 1. December 2014 - 20:39

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