Forest Chapel

Forest Chapel

Forest Chapel

When I saw the pictures of the Forest Chapel for the first time, two things impressed me.


Firstly, the interior of this small chapel, which is characterized by filigree, tree-like steel stanchions. Secondly, the exterior view on this building. To the casual observer, the chapel almost seems to float.

The exterior in the interior

The chapel is a simple, white cube located in Gunma, Japan. It is situated on an area, which is primarily visited for weddings. The chapel serves the same purpose, and is surrounded by high trees, and green outside facilities. It has been designed in such a way that a piece of this environment can be found in an abstract form the interior of the building.

Abstracted trees in the interior

The small building succeeds in providing its visitors an interesting ambience on 135m². In terms of construction, it is a steel frame building, whose stanchions in the interior are shaped as abstracted trees. Four L-shaped steel profiles have each been merged into a cross, and form a statically effective support. At the upper half of their height the four profiles split and run in different directions towards the ceiling. It appears as if the chapel's roof was supported by filigree treetops made of steel. The remaining interior of the church presents itself simple and quiet. The altar consists of a simple wooden cross on a wooden pedestal.

A floating white cube

Three of the five outer walls of the building are transparent at the lower part. Only from a height of approximately one metre above the ground surface, the outer walls are entirely closed, and clad in white. The lower, glazed part of the façade is made of a kind of  mirror glass. The visitor can look outside from the interior of the church, but not inside the church from the surrounding landscape. The exterior is reflected in the planes in daylight. Thus, from certain angles, the compact structure seems to float.

Project details



Hironaka Ogawa  (Hironaka Ogawa & Associates)


completed in 2011



135.23 m2


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