Architecture for Inventors and Children

Architecture for Inventors and Children

HABA main administration

“The road to success is accompanied by the duty to turn innovation into a continuous task.”

The successful company history started off in 1938 by manufacturing fine timber goods. Today, the HABA group of companies is one of the leading toy manufacturers in Germany. For constructing their main administration building in Bad Rodach in Bavaria in 2006 as well as its expansion in 2012, HABA had hired h4a architects from Stuttgart.

Building for creative Minds

The idea standing above all is that of a modern, creative company full of self-esteem. Spoken in architectural language, this means that spatial structure is staged via playfully dealing with shapes and constructional volumes. In order to put the company’s origins to the fore, wood has been used for the elements characterizing the interior, just like with the lobby’s post-and-rail-façade. Color, metal and transparent surfaces, however, stand for the modern age and creativity.

Characterized by large-scale production facilities and already existing smaller buildings of the surrounding residential area, the very differentiated shape of the new building’s individual parts takes on the situation on site. Three individual, oblique-angled and staggered structures protrude into the premises, two of them to their very edge. They are connected via a hall, moving through delicate stairs and bridges. This is the building’s central and communicative point. From there, you get to the showrooms and conference areas as well as the office levels. Oriented towards the entrance, the employee and visitor’s canteen is grouped around a bunch of trees in the garden. It opens up towards a pond full of reed you can look at through the room-high windows as well as from a terrace.

Vertical Networking

Internal galleries and opening elements connect the multi-story office areas with each other and thus create a vertical network for short distances with the creative design process. The usage specific requirements of the respective activity decide about in which wing of the building people work. The areas can be partitioned individually, be it single, team or combined offices.


The expansion building scheduled for 2012 continues the main administration’s architectural concept. The current building stacks three structures twisted towards each other on top of each other. Each of them stands for another usage: The public area with meeting rooms on the entrance level, the second floor as an entry level to the new building’s and the main administration’s offices as well as the two combined upper floors for the in-house administration. The design principle is intensified through different construction principles an end-to-end glass lamella façade is placed in front of each: a ferro-concrete construction for the two lower levels and a wooden construction for the two-story upper structure.


If you develop products for children you should keep an eye on their future. This idea is something the company lives up for e.g. by deploying energy-conscious technology for its buildings: actively using storage media through geothermal heat exchangers (air) for concrete core activation, making use of district heating only wooden waste from the company’s own furniture production is being used for as well as the use of waste water for the sanitary facilities. The expansion has already received the DGNB (German association for sustainable building) pre-certificatein gold.


Project details


h4a Gessert + Randecker Architekten BDA


Completion 2006 / Expansion building in planning stage, completion 2012


GFA 5,230 m² / Expansion building GFA 3,342 m²


Habermaaß GmbH


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