Homogeneous wooden body

Homogeneous wooden body


In Almere, Netherlands, modern architecture and traditional building materials are joined together in a sheep stable.

The town of Almere falls back on natural methods for fighting weeds in the local parks and forests. 80 sheep are used for this. For these sheep, the architects of 70F architecture designed a stable that can shelter 150 animals.

Young town

Almere is situated 25 km in the east of Amsterdam, in the southern Flevoland province. With 200.000 citizens, it is the biggest municipality of the region, and also the youngest town of the Netherlands. Flevoland arose in the 1970s on an area, which had been wrested with a lot of effort from the Ijsselmeer.

The town of Almere was established in 1975, and has rapidly been growing ever since. Today, it is already larger than the provincial capitol, Lelystad.

Dynamic structure

The stable is an asymmetrical structure with a homogeneous wooden façade. This natural building material covers the entire building in the shape of horizontal, overlapping laths. The walls and the roof merge into each other, and even the entrance doors disappear optically into the consequently dynamic appearance of the façade.An asymmetrical cross section constitutes the cubage. The dynamic shape is based on curved steel beams that are exposed in the interior. The secondary beams are made of pine, the wooden laths of the façade consist of western red cedar.

It's all about the shape

Only a small part of the building is actually designed for the sheep themselves. The remaining area serves as a barn for hay storage. This additional function of the building is the reason for its striking shape, for the elevation of the structure has been designed to provide a hay storage area as large as possible.

Through slots in the floor, air flows into the interior, which enables a natural ventilation for the stable- and storage areas. On the second floor, there is a room for the shepherd – the night can be spent here as well, if necessary – and a small office.

Daylight streams through three strategically positioned openings into the building. One is situated near the ground to offer visitors like school classes or interested citizens a view of the animals from the outside.

The modern stable was already completed in 2007, but is still an eye-catcher. It proves that high-quality architecture is also possible in agriculture.

Project details


70F architecture


fertig gestellt: 2007


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