Memories, preserved in Clinker Bricks

Memories, preserved in Clinker Bricks

House I + II

Alice Casey from TAKA Architects has combined a Victorian terraced house with a new building and has re-interpreted the typical Dublin clinker brick façade.

Generations united

Alice Casey, an architect working for TAKA Architects, has planned a house for her own family. Parents and sister including her family were looking for a new place to live, a place Alice Casey realized for them in the Dublin quarter of Donnybrook. Here, the architect combined old and new. She re-designed an already existing Victorian terraced house into a new home for her parents. In the garden, a new building based on the idea of the “mews house“ found its place for her sister’s family. The remaining garden space is used together. TAKA Architects have thus created the idea of House I + II in Dublin.

Two architectural Core Areas

It was an explicit wish of the principal to integrate memories and elements from the old home of the family into the new one, in order to maintain a consistency between the two touchstones of their lives. This way various memories and rituals of the family were integrated into the architecture of the houses.

The second focus of the design was the expressive and well thought-out façade design. The façade of the new house part is based on the traditional clinker brick work of its “older brother”, creating a visual connection between the buildings. The combination of bricks with wood is one of the elements the two houses have in common. Yet at the same time, the unconventional realization of the two façades emphasizes the difference between the generations.

Clinker Bricks, re-interpreted

The outside of the Victorian house of the parents is held in the traditional red clinker brick look. This the architect used as a basis for the façade of the new building. Since the two generations are not the same, their houses were not supposed to look the same either. The façade of the new building was realized based on the “mews house” as a classic clinker brick façade in two oppositional patterns. With the front of the house facing the street the clinker bricks protrude from the façade in a staggered manner. The resulting pattern reminds of a chess board and looks unusual. The side facing the garden, however, is designed like a network of clinker bricks, which is partly translucent. The openings in the façade also takes care of airing the rooms inside. The idea behind this: if you placde the two façades above each other, the result would be a closed clinker brick façade.

The Center has been found

Moving houses does not come easy to many people. Leaving your parents’ house makes it hard to let go of nice memories. This is why the daughter wanted to take a few of these memories into her new home. Her idea was to consider the stairs as an extra room inside the house, just the way it used to be in her old home. The architect has realized this wish by designing extra wide wooden stairs, providing space for resting or decoration by connecting steps. The kitchen of the back house was designed as a social place for encounter, based on the wishes of the inhabitants. The cooker has been positioned in the middle of the living space and marks one of two centers.

The second center is the open fireplace, located at the heart of the house, going through all floors. The central place of the two fireplaces fulfilled the wish of the inhabitants: Light and warmth being the heart of a home.

Beloved Rituals

To the parents, memories of their old home were mainly tied to social, communicative rituals. They were afraid family dinner on Sundays would not be possible in their new, smaller house. These concerns should now be a thing from the past thanks to the unusual table, which has been integrated in the first floor. It is made of massive stone, cannot be moved and has thus almost the character of an altar.

An open fireplace was also realized inside the parents’ building. For the interior, Alice Casey chose clinker bricks, typical for Dublin’s façades. Painted clinker bricks were integrated into the wall as a decoration and are a well-made contrast to the rough surface of the red bricks.

For her innovative deployment of clinker bricks, the TAKA architect received the “International Brick Award“.

Project details


TAKA Architects, Dublin, Republic of Ireland


Completion 2009


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admin 29. April 2012 - 19:29


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admin 30. April 2012 - 4:54

love the beauty in the simplicity

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jessymiller744 7. October 2014 - 16:19

It's interesting how the architect managed to include memories and elements from the old house of the family into the new one, all put together in this unique design. People know that home contractors are the best choice when it comes to renovating their homes, they know how to make a new house feel like home.

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Benni.Gholami 8. June 2015 - 6:47

It's a really beautiful house after all that work and meaning put into it. We don't get houses with that much thought put into it in Chalong here. Most of the houses for sale and property for sale here are pretty much targeted at the tourists who are looking for a villa holiday. It would be lovely if each piece of land held a home that had this much of a back story to it though!