Transparent monolith

Transparent monolith

Town House

The Town House in Sweden creates several spatial experiences within the smallest of spaces.

The five metres narrow property is located at Landskrona, Sweden. The town lies near the beach in a growing region. Still, there are social problems in the town, initiated by the industrial crisis in the 1980s. This was one of the reasons, why the 75 square metres small property had been vacant for a long time.

Intentional Contrast

The directly adjacent dwelling houses are significantly smaller than the new structure. Nevertheless, varying building heights characterize the street scene; some are long, others small and high. They also strongly differ in the material of the façade and time of origination. Anyway, the architects of Elding Oscarson did not want to fit in, but rather intended to create a contrast, which in turn was supposed to strengthen the motley street scene.

Spatial experiences in the smallest of spaces

The contractors planned to use the building as an art gallery and café. Thus, the main building visible from the street was designed as a single large room, with galleries instead of closed rooms. The kitchen, eating- and living room, library, a bed, and a roof terrace are placed here. Only the two bathrooms are each located in a closed area.  A small office is situated in a separate back building in the garden.

Within the smallest of spaces, the house offers various spatial experiences. The architects achieve this by airy rooms, niches, various indoor- and outdoor areas, and a framed view at the town. The openness towards all sides creates transparency on the white monolith. The sequences of rooms are adjusted to the requirements of the property and the clients, and result in a courageous and, yet, sensitive building concept.

Project details


Elding Oscarson 


completed: 2009


125 qm


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