Istanbul International Financial Center (IIFC)

Istanbul International Financial Center (IIFC)

Istanbul International Financial Center (IIFC)

In Istanbul, on the Asian side of the city, a new international financial center (IIFC) with questionable proportions will arise.

In Istanbul, on the Asian part of the city, an International Financial Centre (IIFC) is going to be built. For this building project, the city will provide an area of 170 hectares at the periphery of the metropolis. The area lies between the districts of Ataşehir and Ümraniye, and is supposed to distinguish itself in the future particularly by a view at Istanbul’s old town. The execution of the building project as a landmark was a conscious decision of the city, and, as the visualizations by HOK convincingly show us, will have an enormous effect on the prospective cityscape of the Turkish metropolis.

What do we see in these pictures?

The word landmark is actually a slight understatement for this gigantic plan. Amidst the small buildings of residential areas, there will be a superlative finance district. Although the visualizations of the public space within the quarter suggest a pleasant atmosphere, they cannot obscure the fact that the planned skyscrapers completely ignore the dimensions of the surrounding buildings. Like an island, the new district rises from the ocean of the surrounding buildings. Even next to the high-rise residential houses with 15 storeys and more, which are typical for the Turkish city, the banks’ skyscrapers still appear oversized. On top of that, a green belt clearly demarcates the finance district from the surrounding districts. Thus, it is more than unlikely that the districts will grow together.

Istanbul as a global financial centre of the future

By means of this major building project the Turkish government intents to establish Istanbul as a global centre of the financial world. Besides the private and state banks the enterprises and governing bodies associated with banking are also meant to settle here. In total, an area of 45 million square metres shall be created. Besides innumerable office spaces living areas, spaces for retail, hotels, conference centres, libraries, shopping facilities, and public parking lots are planned.

Further future plans in this context are the creation of a new underground line along with train stations granting access to the district. Moreover, the development of sustainable power- and water systems, as well as the integration of a city park into the area are planned. All those issues shall be discussed in future, in panel discussions.

It will be interesting to see what will remain of the major project in the end.


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