Emphasized Void

Emphasized Void

Pago de Carraovejas Winery

From 2006 to 2011, the Spanish architectural office Amas4arquitectura converted the Pago Carraovejas Winery near Peñafiel, Spain.

... and left out quite a lot.

Planning the Pago de Carraovejas Winery, the architects of amas4arquitectura pursued an interesting philosophy: to focus on what has not been done. They wanted to create a building, that should emphasize the space it does not fill in. At the same time, the existing old winery should be preserved and enclosed by the new architecture. The result is quite a “gappy” building complex.

Emphasizing the Void

The emphasizing of the void is done especially by cantilevers of the upper levels, but also by gaps between different parts of the building, and extensive outdoor areas. Furthermore, large-scaled windows step back behind a frame of terraces and cantilevers, which serve as a sun protection. All those measures result in that the building does not, as usual, protrude into the space, but the space (or the void) protrudes into the building.

White, Wine and inner Oak

The hillside situation of the property enables the utilization of gravity for the winery. By means of this, the wine is processed gently, since it does not have to be pumped. The different processes of the production are assigned to the levels of the building. Thus, the grapes are received at the upper floor, at the north side of the building. The fermentation takes place at the intermediate level. Ageing and shipment are taken care of at the ground floor. The premises for wine ageing, made of white concrete, are buried in the slope. The concrete façade of the representative parts of the building is pigmented in the colour of (red) wine, which continues in the interior. The floors and ceilings of the interior of the administration and visitor areas and all the other non-industrial premises have been clad with the wood of oak barrels.

Simple means are used in regard of sustainability and energy saving. Besides green roofs, natural building materials like gabions filled with stone material from the surrounding countryside, adjustable, external solar shades, and air-handling ceilings have been installed.


The shape and colour of the building fit harmoniously into the landscape of the surrounding vineyards. Especially the wine-red representative part of the building conveys a pleasant calmness and sophistication, one might associate with a fine wine. Thus, the philosophy of emphasizing the void seems to be a successful concept.

Project details



Designteam:   Javier López de Uribe

                       Fernando Zaparaín

                       Fermín Antuña

                       Eduardo García


completion: 2011


Built surface: 10.112,09 m² 


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